Bee Decline and Fungicide use. Part 2

Pollen breakdown, Chytrid fungi, Bees, Fungicides and uncomfortable truths. In an episode of The Simpsons, which parodies the film A Few Good Men, Sideshow Bob, under interrogation from Bart and Lisa Simpson, cries out “You want the Truth. You can’t handle the truth. No truth handler you. I deride your truth handling ability!” Sideshow Bob’s … Read more

Bee decline and Fungicide use

Part 1. Is Nosema a disease or a symptom of dysbiosis of the bee gut microbiota? A smoking gun is often used to describe something that serves as conclusive evidence or proof. In science it is often related to data that best fits a hypothesis and/or theory. When it comes to honeybee decline there are … Read more

Is association of plants with pollen load colour Bad Science (BS)?

Good science (GS) is based on four precepts. Observation made through our senses, hypothesis developed from our curiosity, testing the hypothesis by gathering data from experiments and other research methods, and prediction which can lead to new thinking, theories and a lot of funding opportunities for academic research. In GS it is essential that a … Read more

Unusual find from orange pollen load

In mid-July this year my bees were bringing in orange coloured pollen loads. I managed to get some of this pollen load and made them into slides. To my surprise it consisted of, what I thought were, trilete spores which are produced by ferns and bryophytes. See figure. Palynologists examining the slides also thought they … Read more